Maintenance 11.12

2020-11-12 01:55 

- Lucky magic powder has been added.
- New socket stones has been added.
- Immortal stone (account bound) has been added in Arena Item Manager NPC.
- Some prices has been increased.
- 6 new avatars has been added.
- Dark avatars are tradable now.
- Princess Miyene and White Knight will appearing in Karakoram.
- Spawn time of uniques from job temple has been changed.
- Unique event has been improved.
- Christmas decorations has been added in towns.
- Nitro Booster and Streamer title has been added (more informations will be announced soon).
- The new event bot has been removed since he was the cause of the delay.
- Shield drop rate has been slightly increased.
- Medusa drop has been improved.
- Filter connections optimiazation.




Maintenance 26.10

2020-10-26 02:45 

- Alchemy rate has been increased.
- Ghost Sereness drop has been adjusted.
- Added santa dress & hat [with 2 units] to new characters.
- Changed the reward of CTF to 1 arena coin per kill.
- Changed plus required notice to 11.



Maintenance 10.16

2020-10-16 09:01 

- Titan uniques has been removed for a while.
- Added magic pop drop to all normal, str and int uniques with a 70% chance.
- EXP rate has been increased.
- Talisman & shield rates has been slightly increased.
- Silk/h has been increased to 2.
- Added Princess & White knight at unique event with a cool reward.
- Fixed some common issue.



Maintenance 10.02

2020-10-02 10:07 
- Medusa drop has been adjusted.
- Arabian uniques prob. drop has been changed.
- Added immortal stone with 30% chance to Apis.
- Added arena coins drop to Ghost Glutton & Ghost Beast (depending of every grade).
- Added immortal stone drop to Ghost Sereness (depending of every grade).
- Added arena coins in HWT (beginner) starting from 0 to 3 per unique.
- Increased amount of silks per vote.
- Fixed some common issue.




Server is online

2020-09-25 18:58